Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The demise of Hardware stores

Me, "I need an AC motor"
Them, "What is that?"
Me, "Alternating Current, it's for a Fan!"
Them, "Huh!"
Me, "You arn't familiar with 'Alternating Current'? you work in electronics? or was it 'Motor' that has you Confused?"
(I got a very hateful look after that)
Them, "We don't have that!"
Me, "in all of lowes you don't have an AC Motor?"

The better one was a few years ago when I asked for a 3"x3" copper plate.

Them, "what do you want that for... What are you trying to do?"
Me, "I'm building a water cooled Heat Sink"
Me, "I think I can improve the cooling properties of this system I built, if I can get a Solid State Water Cooled Heat Sink on it. But I need some copper plate."


gregclimbs said...

woah. new site layout. guess you miss that with RSS...

stuff isn't made to be repaired anymore.

even the last bastion of DIY - gasp - radioshack is going to a cell phone sales direction.

best to familiarize yourself with industrial supply shops or order from mcmaster...


The Mop said...

One word for the electronics nerd.