Friday, June 04, 2010


I'm hoping the tide has changed. Today was mellow. It was nice.

As much Chaos as there is in my life right now. It's hard for me to say, "things feel weird", Or "My Spider Sense is Tingling", but it's also hard to feel like there has been something bad in the air and not raise the red flag(of course you can generate that bad juju, by talking about it. It's like "Do you have an itch?"). One still has to respect it, if you feel it.

None of this changes that it sounds stupid!

It's easy to play some D-fence, and keep your eyes open. And if there was an Album of the day, it was "Pink Floyd's, The Wall". Because Mine went up Big Time.

I rode on the sidewalk a few times today, to avoid some ugly traffic. I ended up doing a little Detour into the dirt, because for some reason, People couldn't get far enough onto the right side of the road. Apparently that 2 feet to the right is going to save them microseconds, as soon as the traffic loosens up. A Luxury Car was very convinced they could try and push me off the road. It's that The most expensive Vehicle has Right of Way, Kind of thing. Then some woman decided to drive down the wrong side of the street. One of those charming Utility Trucks, decided he wanted to swerve over 6 feet, While looking straight into my eyes, in order to scare me. It's funny how they don't realize, I've seen it before.

Seems like yesterday had some Skank to it, and today was not as bad. So far, it feels like it could be the start of a positive trend.

Unless you payed any attention to the middle east or the stock market.

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