Thursday, June 03, 2010

Not so much, back in the saddle.

Mr. Booth would not be Proud.

About midday, I decided I was a "Man with a fork, In a land of soup". I called off every social engagement I have, and begged forgiveness. I have so much shit to do right now, I just can't manage anything social besides my very good friends.

I have met, so many amazing woman in my time. There is not one woman I have spent more than 15 minutes with, that I didn't and still don't think is absolutely amazing. I am very lucky when it comes to woman. I have no Idea how I do it.

This includes Ms. "I'm too Busy". I was doing Meta meditation for her today. Before Nancy gets on my case. I'm just saying I'm trying to clear my dislike for her, because that isn't healthy. She has been given the Dial Tone, Like nobody's business.

In the past year I have learned some amazing things about my relationships. I have learned that there are some Worth while woman out there. I have also learned, that I'm interested in settling down, and if things were healthy enough, I would be into adding a kid to the mix. In my Late 30's it's interesting to reflect that; if I wasn't ready for a kid At 30, I may never be ready in actuality, but I'm not in that position yet.

I have pulled the plug on any woman nonsense, until I feel like I have a better handle on things both at work, and here at home. I'm not sure how localized it is, but there was just some bad Shit in the air today. Julie has a new Stalker, Burke was almost eaten by a snake, there is a list as long as my arm.

I had 3 different conversations that were very strange.

Me, "But I don't want that"
them "But if you did!"
Me, "but I don't"
Them "Hear me out, If you did!"
Me, "I'm not sure you are hearing me, I DO NOT WANT THAT!"

One of the other ones was,

" Why are you dating Susan!"
Me, "I'm not. I told you I'm not Dating 'Susan' "
Them, "Susan is awful, why would you date her?"
Me, "Seriously, I Am Not Dating Susan!"

Some bad shit in the Air this week. Since my life is in such Chaos, it is hard for me to get any perspective on it. It could totally be just me or that Ms "I'm Too Busy" threw me sideways again and that was the cause. But I have to respect it, at this point. Pull in my horns. Accept that, like I said "Things are going to change, or shit is going to get Broken."
Some things are unfortunately getting broken, but the good news is things are changing.

Rebuild again, get the boat back in order and continue to sail.

Sleep!!! Strangest Life I have ever lead.

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