Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ms I'm Busy

I was doing my usual drudgery... Cleaning, Waxing, Weeding,

I was thinking there may be some confusion on Ms. "I'm Busy".

I met her 2 years ago, through some work stuff. She was really out there. Saying the most ridiculous, but true stuff. Which always impresses me. The thing was, there were a ton of indicators that she was a bit of a Socio-Path. She Hated Everyone. Looked for anything Petty to make fun of people about. Zero Friends. Couldn't stand her Family. Openly Stated that she didn't trust anyone.

You know... all the stuff that makes "The Mop" go.. "I can Save her!". Now, Honestly I didn't like her. She was Very High Maintenance. These are all HUGE RED FLAGS FOR ME. Never get personally involved with someone who can't get dirty.... Or Dirty(just a joke).

but she was also wrong on a ton of very important things, very important Social dynamics. In fact, it was like she was someone who didn't actually empathize with people. Someone who couldn't see things from anyone else's perspective.

We were acquaintances, and I agreed with a ton of things that she said. Then there was "We are Friends Right?" I told her, "I'm not sure we are there, but I'm willing to try.".Then she started Flirting with me, I blew it off for months. There were some jokes.

After thinking about it for a while, I said what the hell and Then there was some dating, and then it was ready to "Get More Serious". I was ready... and then she hit Eject....


When she started emailing me again weeks ago. I was Cautious. I didn't care, but any form of relationship had almost Zero Chance. It seemed like that fuse was lit, and it was just a bomb waiting to go off.

but... it's been a long time since I've dealt with a borderline sociopath.... It's not fun!

She was a very bright, but ... she couldn't stop thinking that she knew what everyone was thinking and what they wanted....

If you actually have a brain, you realize. People are in a constant state of learning-growing and changeing... For the most part.

The time of the Concrete Static Reality/belief system are long gone. A a crumbling relic of a dying religion.

And Her worst horror was that she couldn't push my buttons... Because.. She knew nothing about me. Because she was never listening. And it was a series of her trying to be a bitch, and me just thinking that she was a horrible person.

But her Journey is her own.

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