Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jamie Lee Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis.... Hermaphrodite?????
What seems like a new debate about the sexuality of Jamie Lee Curtis, has sprung up.

Let me just say.... The above Picture does speak for itself(-1 for the Rumor)...
But ok... Legwarmers.. She could pass herself off as a very gay man... if it's true. (+1 for the Rumor.Total=0)...
On the other hand, Look at those hips(-1 for the Rumor.Total=-1). This is also pre photoshop.(-1 for the Rumor.Total=-2)
Ok.... She is the Daughter of Tony Curtis.... (+1 for the Rumor.Total=-1)
and Janet Leigh (+1 for the Rumor.Total=0)

What would be more interesting is if she was intersex-hermaphrodite, And that what they tend to do... is chop off the Male organ, and the doctor decrees them a woman. Then they struggle with identity the rest of their lives.

Of course when I did the search and typed "Jamie Lee Curtis". Google search then added 'Hermaphrodite' as the second automatic(auto-Fill) search was 'jamie lee Curtis hermaphrodite' .(+1 for the Rumor.Total=1)

It's hard to argue against the Google Auto-fill.

But... how dare someone challenge the sexuality of the star of 'Trading Places' (-1 for the Rumor.Total=0). I think those were my first real living color Boobs!!! That would have meant some very early and excellent plastic surgery.(-1 for the Rumor.Total=-1)
This one may seal it... she is married to Christopher Guest!(+1 for rumor, Total=0)

At first I doubted this was blog fodder.... but sure enough...

To be honest.... I doubt it, this is a true rumor..... But its fun to talk about...


Nancy said...

I was soooo wrong. It would have been inance if someone else had tried this but you pulled it off perfectly. I'm impressed and I really needed a laugh morning #2 of the Bella sadness.

Nancy said...

inane not inance

The Mop said...

there are a bunch of missing punctuation and awkward use of subjects.

When in doubt... Go with the weird.

I may do some editing later.