Saturday, September 29, 2012

call evil good, and good evil

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! -Isaiah 5:20

Oh! you are going to love this one.

Myth: Only gay men sexually assault other men.
Reality: Most men who sexually assault other men identify themselves as heterosexual. This fact helps to highlight another reality that sexual assault is about violence, anger and control over another person, not lust or sexual attraction.

Myth: Erection or ejaculation during sexual assault means you "really wanted it" or consented to it.
Reality: Erection or ejaculation are physiological responses that may result from mere physical contact or even extreme stress. These responses do not imply that you wanted or enjoyed the assault and do not indicate anything about your sexual orientation. Some rapists are aware how erections and ejaculations can confuse a victim of sexual assault this motivates them to manipulate their victims to the point of erections or ejaculation to increase their feelings of control and to discourage reporting of the crime.

Want to hear a tale of a Rapist...

   Woman with serious emotional damage from a Pervert Step father at 5 years old and then follows that up with 18 years of a pervert Sado-masochistic husband. Not the "regular kind" that uses safe words and is into freaky roll play. The kind that drags his wife to a basement and ties her up in the dark spending a manic night performing object rape and trying to see if he can manage an erection.

   Well she decides to go out on a date with 'some dude' he takes her to a movie where some 1930's guy is some kind of dominance rapist of prostitutes and the requisite scenes in the movie. She is 'triggered'/terrified by the experience, tries to hide the fact she is freaking out horrified and crying through the whole movie. She runs from the movie, spends a terrified night shaking and crying. A week later the guy calls her and asks her out again. she says no. he convinces her to have a drink and tell her why she doesn't want to date him. She goes for a beer with him. She tries to tell him about how the movie affected her. She cries, he convinces her to go out the the car. In the car she continues to try and tell him about it. In the middle of it, He says " It's just a movie baby!" Then he grabs her and Tries to Rape her. He puts two gigantic bruises on her thigh. She does escape, or so she says.

These people do exist... and they move through you life every day. You work with them. You know them... You think "They are ok". I spent most of my life not understanding why woman don't trust being alone with men. It didn't make sense to me. These days I get it. I honestly don't know what is wrong with many men. Honestly, in my teens I poked a but or two. Stupidly I just thought that was part of the seduction ritual. In my 20's I spent many an hour alone with woman, keeping my hands to myself. If I got a kiss I asked for it. I would hope for your sake that you find this as strange as I do, yet if you are a woman it's a dirty little secret that woman suffer with. Not to mention the numerous date rapes many woman suffer through, looking for mr. Right. And how many of them just accept it as somehow normal and marry them.

How about police who for the most part don't give a shit about rapes, discourage woman by telling them that "It will just be a lot of, he said she said" And the dirt little police secret, I'll almost guarantee that every cop in this country has performed a date rape... sure, it just some denial and rationalization "oh! it wasn't really rape... bla bla bla", She said no, that should have ended it.

Wither the humanity, This world We have created...... How do we do better?

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