Friday, February 24, 2012

Encounters of the third kind

3 odd years ago, I started a journey. Pardon me, I feel absolutely sick right now. Not the kind of sick where you have a cold or the flu for a few days. Sick as though I'm casting off some serious demons, sick as though i'm transitioning from one life to another. From what was to what is going to be. You may ask, "where have you been mop?". Well for the past 3 years it's been a bit of a journey, experiencing an aspect of life which most of us want to pretend doesn't exist. Some time ago I may have mentioned how I was learning about why woman didn't feel safe, why people are afraid of people or men or things around them. Over the past 3 years I have learned much about why.
Many of you have wondered why I have been so interested in the Josh Powell story. There was a point where his father came out and started talking delusional about Susan and started calling her a whore. Over the past years, I've learned that these are hallmarks of a Pervert.... a Child Molesting pervert. For the past few years, I have spent way too much time in Anti-denial about the perverts that live in our midst... and the way they talk and live, and how they get away with what they do.... and your denial helps.
So, where have I been? well I have had a few years of experiences, First hand experiences dealing with various perverts.... it's funny when you manage to see them and realize that they are real... and are around us all the time..... and what to do about them... how to deal with them and how to handle them.... and how not to handle them.

Here I sit, I feel like someone who has been off to war and has had a few days of rest and restoration/recreation. I feel more like I want to puke than .... restored.

I guess more on this later....

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