Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sleep, Food, Bike rides

The last week has been the beginning of actual training. Training for what? Life of course. (I'm madly in love with West Wing right now it inspires me to take writing and talking more seriously. Which is why I now reflect on what needs to be a summary paragraph. Summary on a page yet to be written.). It's been a tough month. So tough I managed to finish nearly a gallon of cheep scotch. During all of this, I have managed to hit the bike every day. With the exception of one of the first days when I strained my back riding and needed a day off.

I remember all of this; I remember eating sensibly, I remember being hungry, I remember trying to find foods that were super filling. I remember Long days on the bike. Long rides with white line fever. Bonking with 7 miles to go, and dragging my ass home. Protein shakes. Being exhausted. Being irritable
 I was thrilled today when I put on my comfy pants and they have become comfy again. There were a few weeks where I had to start thinking about buying a whole bigger size of comfy pants.

Fuck.... seriously .... The Drama... The Drama has messaged me.... now instead of writing this... I get to deal with the drama.... This is my life.... this is what has been going on for a month... or a year. The Drama. It pukes up all over you, and you spend hours trying to clean up and sort it all out. As a.... Homage to my life as it is right now. This is the perfect representation. A few nice thoughts and an attempt to accomplish something.... with a sudden interruption from "the drama".

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