Monday, March 12, 2012

The cusp of 40

As I remember it, I started this blog at 34. Here I am on the cusp of 40... I know you are fucking sick of hearing about it. I just figured it was appropriate to do a blog post.
I have to renew my driver's license, apparently its like applying for CIA clearance. I am not getting into missile silos. This is honestly Big brother... seriously it's just ID to drive a fucking car. Person owns this, may drive a car, person in picture needs to "kind of match" the person in the photo... and you have a small chance it is the same person. But sure enough I need to bring 9 documents that could easily be forged to prove i'm able to fucking drive a car. TELL ME WHAT THE HELL I NEED ID FOR!! SOME FUCKER CAN CHARGE THE SHIT OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT AND GET LOANS IN MY FUCKING NAME.... WITH NO FUCKING ID... but... drink a beer or some smokes.... I need Valid 9 verifiable versions of who I am... with a fingerprint blood and retinal match. But to steal my money... NO FUCKING PROBLEM.

That is what is wrong with this world.... everyone is shooting the wrong fucking target. How about a bank fucking ID... that one has all the shit.... and I have to use it to spend my money....

Since I was 18 I have thought about fake ID and how to have and get it.... THE PROBLEM IS IT ISN'T FUCKING USEFULL. Hey... I'm not me.... I'm roger williams... oh... thank god... cause we are after you, not roger williams. Like I say... I dont' even know who I am.... how the fuck could I be someone else...

Let me let you in on a secret... if you were getting into missile silos... there would be special ID... Missile Silo ID. I had a special ID to get into a building I used to work at.... seriously, I needed a different ID just to work somewhere.. My drivers license is good for one thing... to drive.

ok Shane is fucking dead. and if fucking whats her name... hadn't said "the baby may be yours" he would be alive... Ok how fucking days of our lives. they did do an ok job of him going nuts though. .. and I just don't know what I'll do without shane on that show...

40 here I come.

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