Monday, February 06, 2012

Superbowl notes.

There are many things to comment on tonight.

I was so exhausted by my day I fell asleep at nine thirty. I thought it bode well for my night until I woke up at twelve thirty....

Pop...non culture.

I've somehow managed to catch up on all my marketing. I'm sure it has to do with watching the Superbowl. By "marketing" I mean the attempt by marketers to get me to buy more crap. It sounds like the rumor of a " Ferris Bueller part 2" was just a ruse to get me to buy a car. Charming that Matthew Broderick is unwilling to make a sequel, but still willing to cash in. Lets keep hopping for LadyHawk 2(side note; Michelle Pheifer is that old?). I'll still hang onto hope for a beloved "Square Pegs Reunion", of course that Merritt Butteric died of AIDS in the late 80's isn't helping my cause.... and that it would probably come off as more of a "Sex in the City Prequel".

I'm also a little confused... did the Price Line Negotiator die? I'm not sure I can handle this news, when added to my previous disappointmet with Ferris Bueller 2.

I guess I'm just going to have to keep my hopes alive with the idea of "War Games 2"

The Powell Family.... Either he or his father killed her. If his father killed her, he missed all the signs and did not help the police catch him.... which is a solid sign of some kind of Psycopath father with an unnatural hold on his son. If He did it, or he enabled his father to get away with it.... either way he should never have be allowed to see his kids again. As evidence of what a bad idea it was to have his kids never see him... I present the evidence that he killed himself and the two kids last night.

Unfit father, Unfit Parent, unfit grandfather.... ya... the fucker did it.

Side note: if your father in law has a hangman's noose with some kind of doll in it in his office, I'd suggest you keep your kids away. Just saying.

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