Saturday, January 14, 2012


Those that are "In the Know" realize that I am into Battlestar Galactica right now. Don't ask me why. I have been asking that for over 2 weeks now, and have no answer.

This is how bad it is; One of the Original/God Like Creator/cyborg/Organic machines/ Cylon/Skinjobs/toasters, who is sleeping with one of the Created /Rebel /cyborg/Organic machines/ Cylon/Skinjobs/toasters and having a baby with Her, decided to name his child Lliam. The Original Cylon's Ex wife then Confronted Lliam's mother with the fact She nor the child were special, whereas the father wanted to name their child Lliam Except the Original cyclon's origional cylon wife was barren. At which point Rebel/second Generation Cylon under the stress of this new information, then miscarries. As Original dad/Cylon was crying in the arms of the guy from Stand and Deliver(Edward James Olmos) AKA Loren Green... No wait Cpt Adama, they mentioned that Lliam was short for William. Clear as Mud?

William is a family name on my Father's side. My father's middle name was William, after his father. I said to myself, Oh.... If I had a kid, which will probably not happen, I could name that child William and call him Lliam, Continuing some kind of Family Legacy.

I then realized I was continuing the legacy of a Drunk Irish Wife Beating Asshole. I then said, I can then challenge my child to not live up to his Legacy. Then I thought, when he does become some kind of drunk asshole he could then blame me for naming him after his drunk ass great Grandfather......

Sweet..... only 4 episodes left... Now I wonder... are the original cyclons just glorified test tube babies.
Way more than 3 lines... or 5.

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