Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What to write.

Today was actually a nice day. I made a nice soup, thought I think it doesn't have enough salt. I really struggle with that. for some reason I think I don't let it sit or stir it enough as I'm adding salt. I also think I make such large batches that it has a hard time mixing in or something. But... Not enough salt.

Having a martini... I'm digging these things.

Oh! So today I decided to just gut it up Winchester. Some of it was that I had been screwed by a little head wind on one of my descents, so I thought. Maybe I will get a tail wind up winchester. So I just drilled it. Half way up I decided to mentaly tell the pain to stop... then I decided to actually shout "Shut UP!" at my body. It worked.. the pain built back up and I screamed it again at the top of my very spent lungs. Holy Shit! it worked... I couldn't believe it. I do believe the mind is a powerful thing, more that my mind is trying to get me to stop and I just need to tell it to fuck off.

I felt good today, I don't know why. It was nice. Maybe it's because I'm watching documentaries, and it makes me feel smart, or worthwhile. something.

Well that is my story and I'm sticking too it.

well you know, Martini...

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