Tuesday, March 16, 2010

..... Ugh... 2.0

I've promised you updates. I umn....

I have some follow up for something I posted earlier, but I'm not sure I'll get to it. But

For those of you who remember Doctor Pistachio and all her Nerdy AwesomeNess. But She had a Kid!, It's all very exciting. I don't have kids.. but I like to be excited for all you Breeders out there.

It's a brave choice, to have little Spawn running around.

Sure I see the world as a dark Pit of ... Hate Greed and Stupidity... But that is just me. I can be excited for your life choices. Just as I can be excited for that dude who found the true love of his life in his Golden Retriever... It's all good, as far as "The Mop" is concerned.

It's strange, they have named their girl "El Mopo"... in honor of me.... You know... everything is about me, right?.... Ok, sure none of that is true, they actually named her Layla....

Just as good I guess.

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