Saturday, March 27, 2010

Let me tell you about Demons!

I can barely write about them. The truth about all demons, is you can't be afraid of them, you can't run.

No matter where you go, you are always there.

It also doesn't help to Dwell on them. There are millions of people who move through life comfortably ignorant all their lives.

You can drown them out with T.V. With Music.... With Beer, With Religion.... with any sort of .... thing.

During my week, i've suppressed enough of them, that by Friday night/Saturday morning... they have reached critical mass. I try and just let them run free for most of friday night... Let them "have their way"... or at least deal with them, as they show up.

This goes on all night, and even when I fall asleep I sleep fitfully, and it even Escalates to nightmares. I slept on and off for 10 hours, and still felt like I had only managed 3 good hours of sleep.

The good thing, is to get out on the bike, Let them chase me there. The question is.. do I bring the MP3 or do I let the demons really chase me,without it?.

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