Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sitting here.

Sitting here, It sounds like Ryan is having working on the 5th addition to his family 7 if you include animals...More if you include KinFolk who seem to flow like hot and cold water from the house.

it's rest week, and I've eaten too much....

I'm hoping my brain will come back.

I'm in a constant 3 way split in my brain.

There is work, Life, and Work2.

They each seems to require more brain than I have.

So, I'm in a constant 1/3rd thought about each.... and I mostly want to go back to bed... Or just deal with one of them.

I'm a very focused person, so this is almost unbearable......

see... this is all I have.... but I think this was a single complete post. 2 different subjects, but they seem like complete ideas.

and I have to give up...

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