Monday, March 22, 2010

I could cry too

It's 3am, I struggled in bed at 2am. I finally gave up and got up at 2:30. I'm starving, I'm not refueling properly yet, and I had dinner at 3pm, and went to bed at 7pm.

So... Don't cry for me.

If I'm lucky I can refuel a little and go back to bed, wake up in 3 hours ... and go on with my day.

We all know this ends in tears, don't we?

Right, I'm lucid.. or hyper Lucid enough to know that there is my own self destructive Script. There is also just the tragedy of life, Life is pain, Life is sorrow, Life is Loss.

As far as life goes, I've had my share... or more than my share.

Last we knew, When we checked in with our hero, we were playing the:

Either we move this relationship on, or end it.


I'm bored with you, move on!

I pushed it to confrontation, and got the "high Sign", which seems like "Lets move this on"

Then I pushed back fairly hard.... Probably Too hard.

Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids!

I find most people so filled with silly games and notions, that being direct, and keeping things straight forward, is beyond them. Everybody feels like they are negotiating from a position of maturity, but few people have ever matured beyond puberty.

At best, they have matured to the point of ... knowing they have to bring a check in every week. But after that, it's all video games and Cartoons.

Not that there is anything wrong with a few minutes of Tom And Jerry, from time to time.

Ugh... I have no idea what I just Wrote...

but I'm going back to bed.

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