Monday, March 29, 2010

More things I don't have time for

I have a client presentation to finish...

Ugh... The wind sucked today, I managed a few miles into it... and the old spirit just gave out.

Ok... what you really want to know.

What is going on with the little woman?

Last we knew,things were ok... back to neutral. She sort of dropped it.
I'm not sure if she is waiting for "The shoe to Drop"
Or if she is hoping I'll Drop dead.

I'm not sure where You and I(You being the blog) were on it.

I sort of freaked out, and said to her "I understand, all of this tells me to piss off." and I stated all the things she had done that I interpreted as "Drop Dead". Some of you know me, and sure it wasn't this simple. I also may have stated a case that, this seemed like some repeated behavior, But I get it, and don't worry... I'm not angry, things as far as I'm concerned are ok, and we can move on.

She comes back, ANGRY and restates her case.... "Bla bla bla I'm busy, No time.... Bla Bla Bla Washing my Hair..... Bla Bla Bla."

So when you say to someone, "You are telling me to piss off, with A. B. and C."
And they come back with. "A. B. and C"

To me it sounds like they are saying "Piss off", either that or I have to deal with "A.B. and C."

But that was how I took it... "Piss off", and I said to her... "Ok, I get it, I'm sorry for taking up your time, I was trying to Calm things down, and Now you are angry and worked up about it. That isn't how this should be. Again... I'm sorry.

Then she comes back, "Stop Saying you are Sorry. It's not very appealing and it's not very Guy like."

WTF does that come from.... I hate to say it, but REAL MEN APOLOGIZE! a Real man, wants to know when he is wrong.

I seriously cracked at this point, I said "You are just killing me!"

Things slide back into neutral. Then at one point, I slide in some ... "Underwear talk"... She blushes. I mention, nothing wrong with .... "good Healthy Mature"....Bla Bla bla...

Ok... I get the dial tone, for a week.

This is complicated.. But she ... We can communicate in other ways, She comes out from "All Quiet".. but through Passive communication I get this:

I can't quote it directly.

But it is roughly; When there is someone you long to be closer to, and you are upset about it, Ask if there is something you might do to transform the situation. You and they may just surprise you.

now is this me, or is it her.... is she telling me, or is she saying something she has picked up on....

SO... WTF am I supposed to do.... and WTF am I asking you?

I send her a typical E-Mail... Just one of my usual. Nothing Personal.

She e-mails back.. typical response.

I send a follow up.. a ruse.... "did you need this?" I hope you are well?

She sends a nice personal note, a few personal details... with "I'm busy"

My response was, I said how great it was, and I mentioned I was glad to hear from her.

I'll point out, she never asks about me, or about anything I'm doing.

I think I'll call it a win.... or a neutral.

Or first loser.

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