Sunday, March 28, 2010

My finger Nails Need cutting

I just figured, you wanted to know!

One of those days for me. I needed to get some work done and it didn't happen. I got out on the bike, It wasn't a "Big Ride" but I wanted to put some miles in.

I hit that point where... Well, Where I turn a short ride, into a medium one.

At the turn off, I made the turn... Which involves a hill. I got to the top and realized... Well I got that feeling that I get, That feeling that I get when my spirit is broken. That feeling where you just want to turn around sit on the couch and eat Oreo's all day.

I didn't do it, I pushed on.... but it was a lackluster ride.. in fact I don't even remember it. As I got back to the house, I turned off to make the ride longer, because I knew I had some more thinking to do, added another 20 minutes to the ride....
Further more.... I even missed one of my last turns, and had to turn back.

It was like riding in a Daze.....

Not good....

But Trudge on!!! Keep Fighting!

It's time for the 3rd training block.... I'm trying hard to convince myself to really put the screws in. Push out to my 60 and 70 mile rides and just suffer through them...

Push and fail at some bigger rides....

Just suffer, and take my lumps.... see how it goes. Then Next Bock I can start the big rides!!

"Next Stop, Everywhere!"

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oraclenerd said...

Back in the days when I actually "moved"...I had that same feeling. A couple of occasions (near the twilight of my "career") where I just stopped, called my wife and got a ride.

I remember in the beginning though, when I would get that was so easy to push through. Getting dropped on a fast 50 miler with no clue (or wife) how to get home. That feeling is teh suck.

At least you managed to push through it, that in and of itself is a testament.