Friday, March 26, 2010

Insomnia only I can get.

I think I had a nap today, In fact I know I had a nap today. I fell asleep at 10pm and woke up at 1am or even midnight.

I lay there for 30 minutes reflecting on how boring you are, Ok.... Not you. But people.

Somebody called me, a relative.. They started talking about something, I said... " Let me just cut to the end... " and explained the bullshit game they were playing with themselves, and told them that there was no need to go through the motions, and they should just skip to the end.

They then proceeded to want to go through the motions... I said, 'When you get to this point.' call me back.

they were pissed..... I don't understand, why you don't understand the bullshit games you play, I understand them, Why don't you!...
The only hard part is knowing the games that other people are playing, this just takes time.

But those are my thoughts.... about how most of you are playing "go fish". When there are much better games out there.

Let me explain... GO Fish is Random. instead of playing through the deck.... you should just flip a coin. It's faster, and it's the same game.

I get Super Nerdy about words.

The word of the day was: Sublimate

sublimate - direct energy or urges into useful activities

Sublimate to direct the energy of (a primitive impulse, esp a sexual one) into activities that are considered to be socially more acceptable

The Jist of it is to change one type of energy or impulse into another:
To Clean the floor if you are Angry.
But there are more negative versions
To be angry, because you are worried.
To sublimate your Racism for Obama into a Rant about Marxism.

To sublimate the loss of your job, into throwing Rocks at a window.
But various usages of the word is interesting.
and that the root of the word is sublime!

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