Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lament on the state of the world

... After Last weeks... The world seems to be a Tree Filled with fruit!

now this week, it's as if I climbed the tree, and all the fruit was Crab-apples...

Sure, you say.... you ruined it Karmicly... by your attempts to 2 time.

You see, she blew me off. Then came back... Ok... Not blew me off, Gave me the Down... responded in the Negative.

So, I moved on.... and sure enough ... It's like woman know... then they just want to spoil it for you.
Woman Number 2, then managed to blow me off as well... I BTW have no Effing Clue what she is thinking, and by that I mean... I sort of gave her a second chance, and she Mucked it.

None of this counts all the other Periphery woman... Who I'll Plead the 5th about.

Many years ago... in fact 10 years ago... In fact 14 years ago. When this AWFUL woman, tore my heart out. I honestly Hate her, She played the game with me for 4 years... On again Off again... What she wanted was for me to be in love with her, I'm good at it... It was like she got her fill and moved on, only to find the world is cold, and came back....

Finally, I had had my fill of it, and I stopped taking her calls, I ran into her, and blew her off.

Since then, i've always felt relationships should be "organic", they should work, it shouldn't be difficult, it should just be fun, and enjoyable....

Certainly, some things take work.... but there should be Joy!

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