Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some notes on my friend Ryan Barret

The Grass is always Greener, Right?

This is his blog.

First of all, he gets huge points for continuing to support this blog. Probably because of his continued support, I attempt to do more than the Periodic Midnight Manic Post. As well as my desire to make this a Better blog, Because... I get tired of Twitter... It's like blogging for people who only have a sentence and a half in their head.... it is good for that periodic broken thought.... or visceral Scream.

There are other people who have supported this blog on and off for the past years.... And I appreciate it.... Maybe i'll mention you some other time...(Tiff/Burke/Sandy/J-rad/Gary/bobbie).

This is the thing about Ryan.... he is a Real Man by conventional standards. Pumping out kids, Settled down... He just isn't ... Like me... Who refuses to grow up, and... all the shit that goes with that. Here he is, Ready to have another, I'm sure plenty of job stress, and trying to get his team together... and be a bike racer.

You have to respect the hell out of it.

As I'm trying to provide more content to my readers.... I raise my coffee cup, this morning to Ryan...

Cheers Buddy!


Kelly said...

Gotta say...I really enjoyed that post...I may have been a little teary after reading it. But then I'm 9 months pregnant...I'm pretty emotional to begin with. Anyway, thanks for the nice words. I'm definitely proud of him! Now, I'd better stop before this comment gets too sappy.

The Mop said...

Shucks.... If you are going to read my blog...

I May have to swear less.

I'm excited about the new kid.

turbocycling said...

Thanks for the kind words (you too Kelly)... As I'm sure you know, it's hard to put this stuff into words, so it's nice to hear that someone sort-of "gets" whatever it is that I am getting at.
Keep fighting!!

The Mop said...

... If I suggested that "Sort of 'Gets' it", is more than one can, ever expect.

and that, "Tries to 'Get' It", is about as good as it gets.

There are moments in life, when I look back and say "That was a great Time/Moment."
But it's better if one can, actually catch that moment, while it's happening.