Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Always strange things afoot, with the old mop. I have this "Thing" going on. You know I have to hide it now. The point, over here was to be able to be honest. I guess I have to admit that things are changing.

I even have ... other blogs, and even those aren't ... something I can be honest with....

It's back to the same old lies and hiding, that the rest of us suffer with ....

The slings and Arrows of Mortality.

I'm into a thing about Denotation Vs Connotation.

you know it's a logic thing.

People who can see the "Thing for it's name only"
people who can see what it represents.

it's First tier thinking
Vs Second Tier.

but I digress, I wanted to scream from the mountain top.... and I don't have a mountain top to scream from anymore.....

Even the old Mop-Anti Hero is working on his mortality, his ... kryptonite.

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