Monday, February 18, 2013

   I think I am a pro at sleep disturbance. In fact I sometimes envy people with regular jobs, or kids that have to make it to school. Something to keep a sleep schedule on schedule.

   I used to love getting up early, I still do. When I was a finish carpenter, finish carpenters get up early, we used to get up at like 3 or 4 in the morning and get to work at 5am. Carpenters work in shops that are climate controlled, their work is dependent on nothing but getting things done so there is no reason to be at work at a specific time. So you get up early and get it done. When not working overtime you are done by 1 and fall asleep by 9pm.
   There was a time when I was working onsite and we started at 7am, people were amazed when I showed up at 6:30. I've also learned over the years that if you commute leaving 5 or 10 minutes early gets you to work 15-30 minutes early. Most people tend to try and get to work within 5 minutes of start time. Which means that everyone tends to try and be on the road from 6:45-7 or 7:45-8.
   In my time i've become a pro at trying to rectify my sleep schedule. The great horror is that it tends to involve days of trying to stay up just a little longer.... hours of fatigue ridden days... unproductive.

No joy for the weary.

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