Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Strange days.

Probably 17 years since I sat in a dark room watching colored lights, my brain filled with psychedelics .  Here I sit on my smart phone listening to an original doors strange days vinyl. Three shots of legal gin at forty years old, Gen x watched the State of the union speech  arguing gun control on social media, trying to relive 1969 and trying to decompress.

Sitting here like a Hunter S. Thompson wannabee hoping the gin will kick in and my.mind can decompress.
Valentine's, two days away, no girlfriend.... just bile and the screaming trolling rants of what the media called "Return of Gen x, hippies strike back"(star wars reference intended , we aren't going to take it anymore time to hit back.
Nothing more apropos than to sit here letting  my mind wander and decompress and process.... banging away on a smart phone collecting my various thoughts. Full on HiFi experience, Aged Vinyl and the slight smell of aging electronics smoking in the background.

We Want The World and We Want It Now!

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