Monday, February 25, 2013

The siren call

Well, I guess that is what it is. Start doing things and you realize the length and breadth of the problems you face. No reason to shove my head up my ass.
   I spent the morning struggling. My impulse to drink Gin and eat pizza gnawing at me. Then as I started another little project I noticed a nice $600 owie in my future. Great..... Extra reason to drink.
When do I get to spend that $600 on Ski gear or backpacking stuff. Yep, never. Why is it that it seems my money is never mine. That it always goes to some kind of maintenance of work and toil.

I was thinking the other day about the year I spent flyfishing and working to flyfish... where are those days....

Struggle.... Toil.....

I could use a drink.... Lets hope I can avoid it.... I have been good.... I just don't think it will help me.

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