Saturday, February 23, 2013


Some mornings I wake up and feel like spending my day drinking Gin. The question in my head is 'Why Not?'
Most people can come up with a long list of reasons and responsibilities. Right now, me not so much. I'm grasping to the 'concept' the 'belief' that I may get some crap done, and that may help me feel better. Well, I know it is but, make me feel better than the gin will. It's total spring cleaning, I'm glad to get ahead of it, it also means that there will be some follow up later in the spring. I say this as 3-4 inches of snow is falling outside.

Eating is a strange thing. I was watching some comedy thing. The comedian said "Who eats until they are full, I eat until I hate myself". That gets big laughs, I think we all know about that feeling. I guess, if that is one side of the coin, there has to be another side. I remember spending months eating soup fruit and vegies, I felt very good about that. I drank espresso this morning. I ate some soup, had some fruit.

I'm seeing my nemesis pizza this afternoon. Hoping that I resist.... Maybe I'll substitute gin for the pizza... yet, probably it will be gin then pizza.... fuck....

Yep, feeling more like Jack Black rather than the Wolvereen

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