Thursday, February 21, 2013

Espresso season

At some point every spring I get sick of drinking coffee by the gallon. So.... I turn to espresso. I needed to get some other stuff at the grocery store so there I sat staring at endless names and brands of coffee.

The one thing I know about espresso is that it's all about the tamp. Clog up the system with so much dark powdery goodness, the bonus being much powdery grounds in the bottom of my glass.... delicious. The fine granules providing another few bars of pressure to then saturate and push the caffeinated joy into my cup.

I sat there in front of all the coffee options, bewilderd.... like a deer in the headlights. I realized ... again I have to pay more for an unground dark roast.... WTF is that? why... because those who know coffee will pay more.

If only I desired a Carmel candy vanilla espresso... pre ground.

Well it's espresso season.....

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