Wednesday, February 27, 2013

a post

It's late and I was typing up a post about masturbation madonna and high school..... then I checked on my "real" facebook only to find out one of my HS friends has cancer.... which is well... one of many, but it's still sad. Of course ... some times I look at old friends lives and I don't have that much sympathy ... they have lead fairly fortunate lives. I have a hard time not wanting to choke on my own spit when I say "i'm so sorry", this one bad thing happening to them over the course of their life... Isn't a big fucking deal IMO. Of course now this person is going to die and here I am being an asshole.

But seriously... most these people really have been assholes and fairly entitled and privileged most of their life. And again... will probably be getting some of the most expensive cancer care in the world. Tragic.... and this person is a very good person, always has been.... but they have also lead a full and very fortunate life. the throngs of well wishers are nauseating.

It's been an interesting day, for some reason a reminder of many old friends

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