Friday, February 08, 2013

Talk Radio

Why I hate talk radio. Don't ask why I was listening. Specifically Sports talk radio. I should honestly do 15 minutes of me listening to it, with commentary.

A few weeks ago I heard them talking about how unfair it was for sports reporters to have to check their sources. I mean... they just have to regurgitate what they hear, having it be credible seems like undue burden on them..... TO DO THEIR JOB!

Tonight it was a full hour on how carlos bozer is an asshole. Ok, I love cycling... I hate lance. I have never talked for an hour about how much I hate him. Let alone some half ass never was in the NBA. A full hour talking about him. Lets put the cherry on the conversation" He doesn't even play for the Jazz anymore why are we talking about him?"
Other guy, "because it's a talking point"
Previous guy, "You are right."

Oh, and to be clear. Boozer had a great personality, except that his business manager in his personality him stopped you from learning about his personality.(this is what the first half hour was dedicated to). Seriously if you listen to this crap, and it makes any sense to you, you are a moron.

Kill me!

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