Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mastication Ideation

I'm in love with sleep. I do wish I was having dirtier dreams, but what can you do. The best part is the extra Two hours. You wake up after 7 or 8 hours.... go to the bathroom get a glass of water, then go back to bed. Curl up and say "I'll just lay here in spender and joy" tow hours later you wake up refreshed, your only concern is that since you are so refreshed.... it must be noon. and to your added joy you only caught another hour or two.

   Struggling with a decision about breakfast this morning. Do I go big for Sunday breakfast, or to I keep to my fruit and eggs and veggies or pancakes french toast and bagels.... Hollandaise poached eggs cheese English muffins. 

  Well... I went with fruit and an omelet. After some exercise.... feeling a little less like Jack Black. I'll just keep it up. Though I am having food ideations.... If that isn't apparent.  I probably need a reward of some sort if I'm good today.

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