Friday, February 15, 2013

Last Temptation of St. Valentines.

One of the banes of my continued existence is still relationships. One of the horrors is that when I was 20 there was this very amazing woman who loved me very much. Little did I know that piles of woman seem to only be able to be filled with nonsense.

  I imagine a phone call from a friend,
"I'm very miserable. My life sucks.". Showing compassion you talk to them and realize...
"Why you have been strapped to a cross, and are being crucified". I release them, make sure they get food and water. Nurse them back to health.
Then given a few weeks you find that their children and family keep insisting that they get back up on that cross. You suggest that that is a terrible idea. There is no use in being on a cross. It's a bad example and it's not exactly productive.
   They continue to struggle with why they shouldn't get back up on that cross. Suddenly there they sit....getting sick again and falling apart.

Well, Why did you do that?

I have to.... Why don't you get up here with me, that will be better.

No it won't.... That would be stupid.... and you walk away.

"Oh... You don't really love...." she says

No, If you cared about me, you wouldn't ask me to get on a cross. You would want to be happy and healthy   and not on a cross.
You can try and debate it, but the romans put christ(who doesn't exist) on a cross. Proverbially he was the messiah. I really doubt there is any reason for a person to subject themselves intentionally. It's one thing to do good works that involve sacrifice. Another to strap yourself to a cross and then cry about it.

You can go fuck yourself if you think I care about that shit.

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