Saturday, March 12, 2011

This was my first climb

This goes out of LaVerkin and goes to the freeway. It's probably no more than a thousand feet. Back when I started biking, I rode a mountain bike for a while, and did 60 miles on it in one day coming to the end of the season. I decided it was time for a road bike. I pulled off 30-40 miles on the road bike. Once I adjusted to the new physical aspects for a few weeks. I signed up for a century. I went to school down here in the 90's, Foolishly I said to myself "St. George is flat, it will be fine" Well.... St. George is Rollers.... I blew up by mile 10... I had a nice time with the "spin class woman" at the back of the century... which honestly is the best place to be in a century.

This climb, which I suffered on that year... and I remember bonking and just being blown the whole ride up... it felt like it went on forever. BTW I did it in my 39 this time. I remember breaking a sweat. Strange though, i'm maybe 15 lbs lighter... but much fitter.

after you hit the freeway you go to a reservoir.

I don't even but barely remember the reservoir... I remember it being there... but... I must have been blind with pain. At this point on my ride it was 30 miles... 2 water bottles... that was it. I had a scone and a triple latte for breakfast. I managed some refill on my bottles.... I remember that century, I remember hording water like ... well like I wouldn't ever find anymore... and showing up to refill at the stations and having near full bottles. Drinking one before refilling it. At the end there was another climb.

At one point today, I saw some triathletes.. I'm telling you....Why do I find them Creepy? Above is my roadrunner anti theft protection.... I needed a huge feed. Somehow I had to get back up to zion... it was not going to be easy.....

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