Saturday, March 12, 2011

Classic insomnia

This is the classic version. Lights and noise bothering me. A friend was talking about their trouble sleeping. Jesus ... these chairs inside the room are like chairs you find in Vegas. only less comfortable.... i'm not sure that is possible... But rustic here in the Pioneer lodge in springdale. Somebody is going to get the feeling I don't like it here. Ok... classic insomnia... I figure if I blog it will go away... or it gives me something to do. At home I can watch a movie or something. But there is no joy here.
hmmmm... WTF did I want to write. Honestly I haven't managed a consistent 8 hours since the age of 12. There are times when I can get 8-9 hours every night... but it requires active riding.

oh.... the plants need dusting...

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