Friday, March 11, 2011

On the Road Again.

Last verse same as the first.

I like to think That I'm making some progress in my life. I was joking today about my life as Jack Kerouac... which may be closer to the truth than I'm comfortable with. I haven't packed for a trip in quite some time, i'm out of practice. On the road, i'm a huge fan of drafting. With gas prices where they are, seems like getting there the cheapest is where it's at. I went to Dixie for a quarter, and did this drive a few times in a VW bug. speed limits may have been as low as 55 back then. I managed one ticket for 75... in someone elses car... see the bug only did 70 when drafting. and struggled with 60.... That car caught on fire one day, but that is a different story.

It was a funny story of driving... the psychology of driving people trying to go slow enough to not get a ticket... but fast enough to get to their destination. Some people leading at some cautious speed. 10 or 15 mph over the limit. I saw over 10 police cars... years ago, i'd probably only see two or three. The guy below did 85 the whole time. he freaked out a few times when quite the little pack decided to follow him. Just some old guy with a couple crusers. I'm sure riding snow canyon or something in St George. I like to guess the destinations of cyclists as I drive... Imagine where and how they ride.

You know us bike nerds.... not only is there a shit load of clothing, but a shitload of bike clothing... and layers and contingencies.... I suspect I need a larger second bag. I'm only here for 3 days, but i'm packed for a week, it seems.
There is a john gierach novel... probably trout bum, he has a mantra; rod reel boots wader flies camera. It's all you need. ok, i'll face it it's like that only has a better ring to it. This went through my head as I packed. 4 types of skin lotion, Power aid, protein powder, half a gallon of apple juice,toothbrush, toothpaist, hair conditioner, hair jell, hair spray, bike... 5 boxes of bike kit, bike stand. 5 jersies 3 short sleeve 2 long sleeve, 3 heavy jerseys, 2 bike jackets... I packed them hoping that if I packed them, I wouldn't need them. Then let us talk about 5 pair pants 3 t-shirts 3 nice shirts... 5 heavy shirts... oh... and then the electronics 2 cameras 1 mp3... mp3 Radio converter. extra sets of batteries... and cables for all. I'm exhausted just thinking about it again.

None of this would even rate as far as a fear and loathing trip.... HST would be ashamed.... With the exception of the insanity of it all. (3 references to authors this blog post)

Well this is in the virgin river valley.

Very exciting this trip.... I'm staying at a new place. Springdale off season is October-November Till March-April. depending on who you ask. I've been here and November and February are Fucking dead. The first time I went to southern Utah I did a century... my first. I stayed in St George. But the ride went near zion, and I drove up into springdale. Decided This was where I wanted to stay, if I had a choice. The next time I came here, I stayed in hurricain, $40 bucks a night travel-lodge, maybe $37. On that trip I scouted springdale out, fairly heavily. Took notes on the hotels... checked on pricing. Many of them are not listed with the discount travel sites. Expedia... etc. The next time I stayed at the best western... BTW.. the best place i've stayed. I think it was $46 off season. I stayed over presidents day, and did another century. Then I started staying at the BumbleBerry... I think it was $50, but the best western was hit or miss on "Off season" I never found a fair price after that one trip. For the most part hotels will hit you for $100 or try to. Most the hotels are not up to that kind of quality. it's mostly about convenience. Cept ... if I was a family, i'd just stay in st George and drive... I stay here because it's right on a great bike path.. the virgin river valley. There are still a few hotels I want to try... but they are kind of spendy... I think if I stay at them... I'm hoping I'm getting some regular sex as well. I'm just saying, spending $100+ I think some "intimacy" is in order... and i'm a fan of "self love"... but.... You know... my bed at home is kind of nice, for that kind of stuff. Oh... so... I did priceline... I said WTF.. I know the going rate. $65 was what I bid... I'd rather pay $60.

Many years ago... I think it was on my 30'th birthday. A friend of mine said "if it is your birthday, you need to make it special. Don't wait for anyone else to do it for you". This was a very smart woman. This life lesson still pays off. If you want things to be good, or nice.... You are just going to have to make sure you do it for yourself. Well... FYI... My birthday is the 13th. I'm saying it ahead of time. But... Sure... Here I am... Alone... Chances of Getting laid are next to nothing (I probably could have pulled that off in salt lake, if I had so chosen)... But i'm where I want to be... and I want to really kick my own ass for a few days. Big ride tomorrow... see If I can pull nearly a century. Then work in some climbing on sunday. Kick my ass hard... I probably deserve it..... I'll cry.... I'll weep.... I'll Eat.

But this is what I can offer myself.... It's all I can do... But to be honest... it's pretty damn good. It would only be better with company... but if you can't stand your own company... how can you expect anyone else to. I know I didn't give any notice... but y'all are invited.... LOL.

Back to the start of this missive... of course the fact that this blog started with me alone in southern Utah... and that here I am again..... Alone in southern utah... Well... that reality is not lost on me. I may have made some progress... and even some progress getting to know some of my readers.... But that after 4 or 5 years of the blog... that all and all... things are kind of the same... with some upgrades. I think that first southern utah blog post was made from the Travel lodge in Hurricain.(however the fuck you spell that crazy Utah town)...

Last verse, same as the first.


I'd expect some more blogging...... throughout the weekend... The bit and spur has a cream brule and some kind of tart and some kind of apple pie... that could be my birthday... I may have all three...

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