Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Slaves to Nature

I'm trying not to name names. Friend one said that everyone is interested in Mating right now. This after my comment that two other 'friends' were seemed like they were getting back together. (friends in quotation marks denotes facebook friends.... hypothetical friends.). These are the days of our lives.

I was looking outside, seeing all the new snow. I also looked outside this morning when it was wet, I was glad that I had made my 3 rows of peas, and assorted greens. Smug in my constant reminders to everyone that they needed to get on top of the garden in the past few weeks because there is usually only that window then we suffer another month of snow and rain. I was reminded of a point last year when I needed to do some canning and was told that it didn't fit into someone else's schedule. I reminded them that we are slaves to nature, that the garden dictates what we do. We do not dictate to the garden, our will.

There is obviously a foolish contingent of people who seem to think we can bend nature and subdue it with our will. Not to sound like a Hobbit, or a hippy, but it is best to work with nature in a Tao like bending of the willow against the wind.

As our hormones and our gardens show us in vivid detail, we are all slaves to nature.

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Kelly said...

Dang...I missed my window.

But then, don't I get cut some slack since I'm a rookie?