Saturday, July 05, 2008

Super Exciting

It's lame, but I get Psyched to read a new blog.

BTW, though my affections were split this morning Between Wimbledon and Le Tour.... Which BTW the last 4 K and the last 3 games of the final set were at exactly the same time.

I was Super Excited to See Venus Win.... and The Finish today was Great, I thought I was going to be disappointed with no Prolog. But overall it was a nice Climbing sprint finish.... which was AWESOME!!!

Just because... well... I just figure I need to update some stuff... Not that you give a shit, but It's weird Kind of if I fess up to it on the blog, it's less like I'm in denial in my life.

I've been in awful shape... I fell off the heavy wagon last year, when I almost went to blows with a motorist. I was hoping it was going to come to blows, and it didn't That little Piece of shit. But with that then added work stress, it's been Very hard to get out every day. I'm still managing some sad exercise, and I'm trying to get out and either walk or run every morning. But I'm on that decaying slide of every excuse in the book to not stay in shape. I'm Exhausted in the afternoons, since these days I get up at 3am...
Which is my favorite part of the day, I have become a morning person. Hell I'm almost excited to get up, and excited to face my day... Which is the antithesis of who I have been most my life. So, I'm just hinting, that Like Non-Smokers to Smokers, Night people to Morning, It is possible to be that other person.. Very opposite side of the same coin. I used to love that quiet time from 10pm-3am, and now I love 2am-7am. I love that everything is quiet, I'm rested, and the world is full of possibilities..... I'm just saying.. that transition is possible, But I am, as a morning person is, a miserable cuss in the evenings, and I want to hit people who mow their lawns at 8-9pm.

Another thing, It's tough for me to Bang through blog posts, I'm very focused on work, and if it involves Sector rotation, Economic Armageddon, and commodities.... I can go on for hours. (BTW, though I've been wrong for months, Oil will get cheaper) But gas won't. Sorry $4.00 is here to stay. I will hazard to say that there is a strong possibility of 8.00 Gas in the next 5 years. I keep thinking I should build an electric Scooter. But to point out my lack of focus, My point is, it's hard for me to Bang through posts without Losing track of what I'm saying mid sentence, let alone keep a full paragraph together.... and I'm sorry to/for you as a reader.

The Garden, I've been asked about it, The Greenhouse, that most of you saw Being built, and you never got a full sense of it's capacity, has been great... though once again, I've been so busy with work, and being exhausted, I almost won't go out, because then I spend hours Weeding to exhaustion and most days I just need rest... WHOLLY RUN ON SENTENCE!!! my third grade teacher said I had a problem with those. The garden is solid this year.

So, First thing you put in every year are Peas, and Spinach, and I'm knee deep in them right now. And all my red potatoes are in a sweet spot of being that excellent size of a Golf Ball, or maybe half the size of a baseball, Just a nice 2-3 bite size potato. Things of Beauty.

So first you get some Greens, Later plantings of Kale, and Beets, start producing just before Peas. so First from the Garden are Greens, which you Steam, and have with some vinegar. Then

The Greatest Early summer late Spring Meal.... PEAS AND POTATOES, I grow a Sugar Snap Pea, Sugar snaps are delicious all the way through, you can eat them Whole, and the pod is sweet and the whole thing is delicious Raw, But Steam a few young potato's and some Peas, and you have what is an amazing Meal, and with the Shells of the Peas... Plenty of that Amazing Mystical Fiber!!!! Steamed, a bit of vinegar(Basalmic, Malt, Red Wine) In fact that is so yummy sounding, I'm thinking that will be dinner tonight.

But to be clear, I am having some trouble with weeds this year.... Not enough time... Maybe after dinner I'll kill a bottle of wine and go out and weed for a few hours.

Also Mentiond was the Habanjero Jelly... For those of you who havn't had it... It is Amazing on about anything, Specificly MEAT, but I bet it would be good on Tofu or Tofu burgers... some other options... Cream cheese and Crackers... It's easy to make, In fact since I threw together about 40 jars 2 years ago, I still have yet to go through them all. I also did some Apricot variants. That stuff is amazing...

SO... This is what I want to mention.... With my rustyness on the blog, and That I need some distractions with work. I'm also so stoked about the cycling Spouse, and other blogs, I'm curious, for the legnth of the tour, at a minimum. Is anyone up for Poetry Friday Redux?.

I may just give it a shot regardless, but if you are commited(or should be commited, like myslef). Drop me a comment, and you too can be in for the samefull embarasment of not being very good at Prose. Also that way I can give you some motivation/encouragement.

Another nice thing is that you can Create Drafts in blogger and work on it as you have time during the week, that is what I used to do. I'd start a new one every friday and edit it all week, or even be motivated to have a few ideas, and work on them as drafts.


UnknownSideEffect said...

I'm up for Poetry Friday...I think? What exactly are the rules?

Your garden is very inspiring. After the dinner pics and description of potatoes and peas, I'm wishing I would have motivated earlier and put in more variety in our little garden spot. The husband is begging for arugula and asparagus...I'm telling him I can't plant them now... he'll have to settle for the loads of squash and tomatoes. Maybe next year.

The Mop said...

No rules, Just post something.
Prose or poetry like on Friday. And have fun.

haiku's are popular.

I'm thinking my Theme is going to be Peas and Potatoes.

Asparagus, is actually a perennial plant. From Seeds it takes 3 years to get it going... You can get root stock... I'm just letting you know that it takes some planning.

I have yet to successfully taken on Asparagus. Though I have had some half hearted attempts.

Potatoes are easy.... and let me let you in on a secret "Super Sugar Snap Peas"... Never do Bush Peas... always Pole peas(which require a Trellis" I refuse to shuck peas... Just eat them shells and all.

Also, one can plant Late season Peas, and spinach... Kale and Chard... and It is almost the right time to do it, for some nice Thanksgiving Veggies.

Squash and vinegar is great too...