Thursday, January 03, 2013

An attempt at style

I have been writing more. Here I am in full first person. I have an idea for a post but it's simple and I need to apply some style to it.

I've decided over the next 4 months to focus on myself, to try and get a healthier support system. I need to do some self love. That sounds nice.... beyond the obvious and base concept.

I'm shaking demons these days, some of it from the flu some of it from .... the proverbial bottoming out and cocoon from which springs the butterfly. I've been watching some Criminal intent, I'll avoid the fun allusion to the Great Red dragon of Thomas Harris fame.

These have been dark days, but much of my gin addiction is gone.... Though I do have a strange desire to replace it with a NyQuil/Robutussin addiction..... I'll resist feeding that monkey, though it would be fun for the blog... I'm not sure it leads to a healthy place. ... No matter how amusing I would find it.

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