Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where did the motivation go?

   Here I sit. I did some accounting for someone today. I did some reading. I cleaned the snow.

   The second big cup of coffee sits here. I'm trying not to watch what is so far the worst movie ever. How is it possible that netflix can manage to weed out any decent movie... None the less.

  It's cold, The rollers are not setup I need to spend a few hours figuring out the problems... all just in time for  me to decide I don't want to ride inside... ever... I mean Who does?

   Sitting here, I ask "Where did all my motivation go?" I remember spending a winter eating soup, staying fit. I remember a winter going out every chance I could, on my bike. I remember a winter going over to my girlfriends house. I remember a winter drinking and eating wings and still making it on the bike and spin class.

Here I sit. Freezer filled with frozen pizza(don't ask, or I may give you some). I want to stay in bed and read all day.... If that doesn't work.... Gin. I have piles of projects I don't want to do....

I sometimes ask, what does the universe want from me.... where is it pushing me.... The fucker is in limbo.... I have never felt so Untethered, untethered to the universe... maybe that is a good thing.

But where is that motivation......

Maybe I don't love the universe anymore.... and maybe that is why it isn't loving me back..... Fucker!!! ;-)


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