Monday, January 21, 2013

Where is all the new wine....

   Sitting down to write. I may only have a journal entry here. I know it's lame.

7 readers right now. I know I don't have much to say. Australian open is on. These are the good matches. Most tennis tournaments are best at the end of the first week, Round of 16, final 8. After that it's like waiting for a prize fight. Lots of build up for an anti-climax.

I saw about 10 minutes of Amish Mafia. Seriously, it's like watching school kids beat on each other. They should hang with the cast of Honey BoBo.

I'm struggling with my anger right now. I think I'm not holding it in. I'm just struggling with it. Maybe I keep trying to hold it in, and I keep letting it out.... but I'm not enjoying the process. I could give you a list of things I"m angry at:

  • People who say crazy shit. I wish I could explain that.... People who say things like "If I eat it makes me hungry" Or "that john stuart isn't funny, the only reason he stays on TV are all the people who laugh at him"
  • I'm sick of not making big money. I don't get why I'm not really bringing it in. I'm tired of working hard so that other people can, and I am not.
  • I think I'm also angry at myself for my continued inability to find a healthy relationship. "oh, it's just around the corner.... " no it's not. I think my tolerance for nonsense is even lower than it's ever been. I don't think that makes my willingness to spend much time "a courting"
  • I even hate the anger thing right now. Sit around and be angry. I'm starting to get impulses to at least ... I just need to get out everyday.... Need to ....(sounds like cabin fever)
Well, in times of fascinating written word this isn't it. I'm tempted to self medicate with a martini or two..... of course that could unleash the Kracken.

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