Saturday, January 19, 2013

Late rant

For all 5 readers,(my analytics don't work so I only have rough data on blog viewership), I am again hoping to write up something special. Please forgive this quick aside. It's how I process.

   I think I have to assume that I'm fairly smart. I don't mean to show my ass, for those that might affirm that notion and the hubris attached to the previous statement. I never feel that way. I see lance and other various successful Lying thieves and I sometimes get that notion that obviously I need to sell out, obviously I need to just give up being moral and Sleep with the zombies, so to speak. Obviously, I'm just one of the suckers who the liars and thieves exploit. Of course I understand what it is to sell out, and what it is to become one of the broken. One of the pilgrims on the Road Most Traveled. Sometimes I feel like an idiot, and I struggle :)

   I have been working on my skills at Rhetoric. I think I'm getting close to going pro. I'm enjoying engaging in various banter. For those on my facebook, You ain't seen nothing. For the most part all you get are the more refined arguments. I'm also much nicer. The point I'm getting to is more that I don't argue much on facebook, my bloodsport is on Google Pluss. Part of this work is to try and get better at writing longer essays, which is what I'm doing now. Again pardon the First person direct assault on your brain. This gets like a journal entry.

   There was a piece I wanted to do about the Joy of self love..... I think at this point I will spare you.

   4am.... part of the problem here is that The australian open is running. I have no chance of a normal sleep schedual... Federer is getting old, I'm just happy that he will make it to the second week. And that fucking roddick, 2 years ago Wimbledon final, last year he retires.... what a baby. Ok, maybe it was 3 or 4 years.

Semper infidelium

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