Tuesday, January 29, 2013

unseen irrational drunkeness

I believe we think differently here in the U.S. . I sometimes think that somehow in a Mass psychosis kind of way. We just think so strangely. Reject rational thought, Reject ...  I suspect... and 

obviously my next unwritten doctoral thesis will be on this... maybe the exploitation of "higher forces" ie government, capitalism, The unseen manipulations by the upper classes. 

We are so exploited... that it makes us paranoid, rightfully so since we don't seem to know where it's coming from. Everyone seems to blame one conspiracy after another as we metaphorically shoot at every random noise, in a dark room. Still shaking trembling in the dark of our own minds.

I just wonder if we think differently, as if we are having a reasonable response to an unreasonable world... somehow the unknown side effect is buying some shitty gun and sitting in the basement cleaning it, trying to pretend we can control it, this world. ..... Only to realize... it has all just been another trick to convince us to consume... this time a gun

It just seems so hard sometimes for us to see the majesty and beauty of our fellow man. Piles of people who surround us every day... who would help us if asked. 

but... I'm kind of drunk.

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