Monday, January 21, 2013

I love cancer!!!

Strictly speaking Oprah I'm full of shit. But am Lying now? 

You know the Nazis did some really good stuff for Science.

This bullshit about how he is going to help knock off the other corrupt people in cycling. 

I have said this before.

 What do you tell your kid, when he is caught cheating. 
They tell you, "Well Lance cheated and made millions, had sex with starlets and rockstars,
 he is way cooler than you. Why shouldn't I cheat?"

This is why lance should metaphorically, hang from the nearest yardarm. Find himself hooked on crack and robbing a blockbuster. It's a fate much better people have found for themselves. I didn't watch it, It doesn't bode well for my emotional stability, and maybe I can give myself a pass right now. I'm not joking about this, I saw about 3 seconds, precisely 3 seconds of it, not hyperbole. I wanted to kick something so hard. If I had watched it, my T.V. Would have been in jeopardy. I'm serious here, There would have been a good chance I would have kicked it in.

Stay tuned for his next book "Lying Cheater 1.0". (I resist here pointing out the 1.0, which suggests that there will be a '2.0'. i.e 'Comeback 2.0' )

Notes from the asylum .

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