Monday, January 21, 2013

There it sits.

It's sitting here, it's on my desk, Australian open playing... My infamous self medication. Oh! ryan will be disappointed  I imagine some kind of self righteous.... bible-straight edger thing.

What I'm hoping is that it will put me to sleep, that it will alleviate all the things going through my head. That it will help me escape before 4am.

First drink:
 Icy cold and followed with an olive. This martini is not 'dirty' which is what it is when a martini has  some olive brine in it. The brine is a salty olive flavor. I eat an olive followed by a second draw on the elixir. Tennis is still tied, on serve. 

Second Pull:
I examine the glass, try and assess the layers and the remaining olives. One must finish with an olive in ones mouth. For some reason my mouth is dry, I'm not drinking enough water.... I'm not doing enough of quiet a few things.... I'm just trying to get through. Oh.... quite lovely... the burning taste of alcohol  They say a good martini should taste like drinking a cloud, at 80 proof it's hard to not taste some of that burn from alcohol.

Third pull:
My body is starting to relax. I hadn't noticed some of the muscles in my back have been tense. Those have released. oh, I think Serena is up a break. It's going to be time for an olive. I'm hungry, unfortunately vermouth is an aperitif, which stimulates hunger. I wish I had something amazing to eat, funny because ESPN has Mcdonalds commercials on... funny for the tennis crowd... they are usually health nuts.

What to eat.... What to eat.... oops first set lost 6-2 or won for serena I have never been a serena fan. It's not an ethnic thing. Heck, I like Venus more than Serena. hmmm.... Wish I could head to the store....

finishing: at the bottom of the martini glass it's tapered, 2 olives remain and a little over an ounce of liquid. I'm getting a little foggy in the head..... Yippeee. Well that was it... much of it was had with the first olive now the final olive lingers in my mouth........

I want sushi..... and a little love.
Serena is up 3-0 in the second.... this isn't going to go well for her opponent.

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