Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Vive La K19

I had a ... I went to a movie with a friend today, a female friend. I think I had to ask her to not act out in the theater twice. "Inside voice". I guess I know when someone likes me, since she spent the whole time agreeing with me, even when I was disagreeing with her. *sigh*

   One of the most un-watchable movies in the world is K-19. 12 actors in a Submarine all with Russian accents. Ok, they wouldn't have accents. They would be speaking Russian. The real complaint is that 8 of the 12 actors can't act, and acting with German accents makes the whole thing worse. Then those that can act , manage to struggle most the time with the accents, detracting from their performances  AND THEY SHOULD BE SPEAKING RUSSIAN. Just let them speak English with their normal voice.

    There we are in the movie. She says "they had English accents and they were in France . as kindly as I could I mentioned the K19 argument and that they probably should have been speaking french. She then agreed with me and said how annoying it is when they speak with accents in the country the show should be happening, which should only be happening if they are speaking to someone from England or america as though they are speaking in English  Yet, of course don't drop in and out of some effing french accent. Thank god she agreed with me.... after I corrected her.

   Ugh... dating sucks.... I'm really in a "I'm not dating" thing. I'd rather be drawn and quartered.

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