Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes Mr Missionary the rules apply to you too.

had a miserable ride... I blame it on Jesus... or Pie...

You know I sit down thinking I'm going to write up something Brilliant... I start banging away and ... Feels like the balloon is flat.

See I have to have the framework of what I want to say, then break it into some nice funny observations.

I tend to be so tired I just want to bang it all out... no Nuance, no Joy...

So I'm riding, and I look up and have 2 hefty weight Missionaries Bearing down on me... and of course they think I should thread the needle between their asses as they come. I point to the other side of the road... Both of them Fucking wave at me. I pipe up "You ride on the Right side of the road Kids!"

Not like a cop is going to stop them...or if the fuckers run into me and ruin my bike will the cop find them Libel..... So it would be best if they Follow the god damn rules.

But with a 10 mph headwind.. my spirit was broken rather fast.... either that or that I ate at the buffet on Friday... had cookies on Saturday... and pizza for Sunday lunch....

Time for more bike friendly food!

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