Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Kicking me!!

Generally these days I get on my bike and when I'm not getting flat tires.... I feel like somebody has been kicking me.

But let me talk about my tire 15 miles brand new tube and it blew out the side of the tube, no pinch flat, no thorn. I suspect the threadwarn sides of the tires have been destroying my tubes.. that and the thorns...

So I switch out the tires, and have some nice fresh ones... of course I think I put 800 miles on those tires, but probably the last time I underpay for something with TDF on it. They were ok for a while...

well out on the bike... don't get me wrong I feel "Ok" it's just I get out there and I feel like somebody has been mentally kicking me all day... I don't work 16 hours a day because My life is all kitty cats and and rainbows.
I guess sparkles too.

In college I had a party at my house, this couple that were "friends of friends" came over, and I fell asleep. woke up later that night and I found The wife Kicking her Husband over and over again.... "WHY WON'T YOU FUCK ME! ALL THOSE GUYS OUT THERE WILL! *whomp* *whomp* "WHY WON'T....." *whomp* *whomp*...


ever since that has been my nightmare. Be married and fall asleep only to wake up with my wife kicking me repeatedly

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