Friday, August 21, 2009

What a Week!

I had a nasty feeling this week.... Ugly to shake those ugly feelings... but it was a good warning.

All this Heath care nonsense... it is a great example of what is wrong with us.

Both the insurance and medical industry are these Ridiculous positive Spiraling self serving ... Sky Nets so to speak just trying to go for world domination.

I was going off about what Middle class is, Pardon me if I don't look the numbers up again. but it's roughly 35k-57K This includes health care... and that is Household income.

the insurance cost per house hold is 13K.

This means that the amount of money people bring in, that are "Middle Class" is 22k-44K. It works out on the low end... One breadwinner making $10 per hour, or 2 Breadwinners making $10 per hour. Or One person making $22.00 per hour... of course including benefits/health care.

Interesting that that is middle class, $400 per week or $1600 per month.

hmmm that $15K dream isn't all that little now is it... I will bet there are some Non Middle class people that make less.

So... my bad feeling... I had a call from someone trying to "Feel Me out" trying to see if my most hated Client had any chance of becoming a Client again. It's crazy, I've had them try and feel me out a couple times in the past 5 years since I dumped them.

What is it about a "most hated" either person or Client... that they keep trying to come back for a taste... It's like "Well I took advantage of you once... sucker... I'm sure I can do it again."

sort of like a child abuser can smell out a victim...

I Really hate that client..... and it has set me off for days ...

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