Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In the land of spoons, Suprise... Everybody is a spoon

Damn! I love to have White Hot Bike racing in town. I also am about ready to Tear up because I'm doubting I'll be able to check it all out. Which is an Absolute Heart Break!!

I was thinking about what I should do for the ol' TOFU.

Those who have followed me, know I sort of mess with that Razors edge between Avoiding making things about me, and my own natural Narcissism.

Not to get off on Politics, But for the most part people have their heads up their ass on Healthcare/insurance. And its because for the most part you don't realize how expensive it is; because your employer pays it. Then because you have never made a serious claim, you don't realize how much your insurance company has no intention to pay. Its a Heads they win Tails you lose. And when you realize that incomes haven't gone up in 10 years but cost of insurance has. So you did get a Raise... you got to keep your health Insurance.

But it's all good as long as you keep what you have Right? Cause Change is Scary! And We would hate to see the insurance companies profits hurt. It's not possible that we could cut all these middlemen out and Reduce costs, and cover everybody! Hell no.... Let us just stick with buying the product that INSURANCE COMPANIES HAVE NO INTENTION OF PAYING.. they don't make money by paying claims!.

But I digress....

I think for the most part I'm going to Keep Quiet for TOFU, There seems to be too much of a willingness in our age of social media, to make things more about the authors, and not the subject.

But good luck to everybody; Burke Louder Todd DZ Dave Mike Chase nate alex jesse Cameron Ben... Etc... sorry if you are an etc....

and not to badmouth the social media guys... cause keep it comming cause I'll be stuck at the workstation for most the stages.


UnknownSideEffect said...

Sorry to hear you are stuck in the workstation. I sympathize because I'm in the same boat. Work. It gets in the way sometimes.

Thanks for the canned goods! We'll be enjoying that on fresh goat cheese. Yum. Thanks, too for the advice on the thyme. It's a work in progress. Should be good by 2020--was going to say 2010 because I think there is a song with that lyric, but I realized that year is only a few short months away. Whew! Feeling old now.

The Mop said...

Just water them till they thrive, then split.... and repeat.

You could.... create a flat of them, get some empty flower cells and then grow them from seed then put them in. But you still have to water them every day.

I may decide Hell with work and sneak out... I probably need some time off.

The Mop said...

And you are welcome... Y'all deserve it.