Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a day... Or "Cause he has Floyd all over his face"

I'll have all of you know... I started this "Social network" racing Coverage... I'm OG... and Ya'll are just following a Previously Blazed Trail...

But What have I done for you Lately....

No Pictures. Sorry, I have a tendency to simplify my life these days, and it was nice to just enjoy the race without trying to get pictures!

I will have T-Bird Know... I started the second round of applause and shout-Outs on the Podium... That was me buddy!

Spent most of the morning Screaming from my chair!!!! T-BIRD!!!!!! and doing the same on Twitter... I also spent all morning obsessing about why people don't put HashTags in their Tweets for the TOU... and why I felt the need to retweet them....I mean how long was it going to take till I was a total Twitter Snob... I mean my learning curve on this crap is Through the roof!

The funny things that happened today. Well I decided not to Activly engage people with my shit eating Grin. Especially since people say it's kind of Creepy... but strangely. I'm just doing my thing, and Suddenly there is Gardie jackson... Or Ryan Barrett or Stephen Flahut Scheffield(I proly misspelled that, sorry dude but I'm not into looking it up).

Like I've said before, the only thing more embarrassing than asking "Are you The Mop?" is saying "Hi! I'm The Mop". But I swear Burke had his eye on me... It was kreepy... or maybe it was the kreepy on me oozing off, and Burke was just trying to keep the Kreepy in sight!

It's funny, I'm not talkative.. but get me going at a bike race! I'll tell you everything. I start talking about Sleevie(mike booth)'s Tatoos I talk about Burke's Dog... BLA BLA BLA BLA. I tell stories about calling Ben J Maynes a Wanker!.

Kind of lame that when Zabrisky hit the line he looked like one of the Thousand Warriors... and I think I have that Jersey BTW... Classic Red!
Ok.. .I stole this from podium insight What a great site BTW...

I told the people around me that to see dave cross the line they had to find the guy in the plane red Jersey and Black Shorts....

So there is this old guy at the line, and he has the rider numbers and as they cross he looks them up. What he needed to do was ask me who it was who was crossing. of course there are about half the Local Riders I can't recognize by a Quick Glimpse. Now Dave passed through After Floyd.. but As Dave passed Nobody noticed, and it was only the normal applause, then I piped up "Go Zabriskie".. Suddenly everyone is like!!! Oh That was Dave, and they all got excited and cheered.

It's been Tough Dave!! Good to see even a Great Champion can be off a little! GO!!! DAVE!!

So... as time went on this old guy was getting more and more frustrated, because he also couldn't look them up fast enough.. nor did he know who he was looking at.

He also gave that standard line about how Spectator unfriendly Bike Racing is. And we all Know that... I mean I was Psyched to catch it by Twitter all morning, it was kind of satisfying.. even though those simple facts seemed to sneak away "What is the Lead time? Chase time? Peloton time?" and "who is in the Lead?Chase?Peloton?"... but I digress.

So.. What really frustrated him was when Floyd Rolled by, and I shouted out "GO Floyd" and said "That is Floyd Landis"... Since I didn't have the sheet and the numbers,
He said "How do you know that."
I said. "Well he had That stupid Goatee and his face had Floyd all over it."

he said "What!"

I told him "Well Why don't you run down to the end of the line and say hello, I bet he is a nice guy! "

he gave me an angry look and stomped away.

you know that old people can't process Vitamin B right! The get Super Stressed and have to take Vitamin B shots, but since it's water soluble it doesn't last longer than a few days....

So basically that is why Angry old men stand on their Lawns and shake their Fists at the Traffic
BTW if we don't realize it, this day will go down in Infamy, We will be telling our Grand Kids about the day that Burke Swindlehurst BLEW The Crap out of the Tour Of Utah in a Mad Breakaway at the Gun, and the entire Nort american Peloton Chased him for 4 hours Dragging their lame assees in for nearly an hour, in packs of 2 and 3.....



UnknownSideEffect said...

Thanks for the recap, Mop! No idea you were at the line last Saturday. But are you SURE you started the second round of applause, because I was pretty certain that is was the first one cheering for second place. Any ideas on how to follow nationals today?

The Mop said...

going to have to twitter the pro's

dave zabrisky up by 2 min.

The Mop said...

I tried to convince steven(flahute) to give you a call and do the FAQ on Twitter for races.

I guess I could call...

Zabrisky up by 4 min.

but... I guess I can concede that you are the bigger T-bird fan!