Thursday, August 13, 2009

RootBeer Consumerisum

Decided after my long week.... and I get a little repreave right now from work... I'm BEAT!! no ride for me today... I caught a little nap instead.

I have this "Hell's Kitchen", addiction I havn't seen this weeks episode, so... that is running as I type this.

but I decided I should go take a walk and get a rootbeer. here is the trouble with the rootbeer. I go out and for .40 I can get a Can of rootbeer, but if I do that I'll proly drink it before I get home or out of the parking lot.
So I can get a big rootbeer for like $2 ... Or I can go to the grocery store and get a 2 liter bottle for .79...

Then of course I have over a thousand calories of soda in the fridge...

Yep.. not as interesting a post as I'd thought

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